Open Weightlifting Competition, Hobart

Anyone can enter this Weightlifting competition, you don’t have to be a current member of Weightlifting Tasmania although the entry fee is less if you are. If you are new […]

Masterclass in Weightlifting

Timetable 2:00 Welcome and Introductions 2:02 Overview of session 2:05 General warm-up and mobilisation 2:10 Working on the Snatch (60 mins) Overhead Squats (warm-up) Snatch Balance Snatch with No Pull […]

Developing Leg Strength and Agility for All Athletes

Exercises – Half Back Squat, Full Back Squat, Split Squats (various forms), Single Leg Deadlifts, Step Ups (Weighted), Box Jumps, Weighted Sled Pushes, Training Methodology for developing strength and power […]