Category: Training Methodology

Athlete Self-Monitoring

By Leo Isaac There are multiple benefits for athletes to keep a log or diary of their session-to-session training activities and, importantly, record a regular self-evaluation of their performance and well-being. These benefits include: Optimising the prescription of training load Training logs assist in gathering information about the athlete’s physiological and psychological adaptive response to […]

Strength Training

By Leo Isaac After more than 40 years in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting, I am still doing my best to learn what makes a person become a great athlete, someone who can top the national ranking list, someone with the capability to compete in the international arena with distinction. I can tell you, it’s […]

Training Programs and Percentages

Training programs describe the effort to be undertaken by an athlete in the pursuance of training goals. The effort is usually quantified in terms of the volume of work to be done (the number of sets and reps) and the intensity of effort (described as a percentage of the athlete’s best).  Training programs in Weightlifting written […]