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Getting serious about coaching

When do we give error feedback

A series of face-to-face and/or online group discussions for coaches in Tasmania with topics changing fortnightly. The discussion board is now open for participants, and already participants are contributing. To join this coaching group without payment of a fee, an applicant must: Have intention to develop their coaching skills for the long-term benefit of the […]

Intensive Training Camp for Weightlifting

Image of Timetable for Intensive Training Camp for Weightlifting in Hobart

The Weightlifting Academy of Tasmania will again host an Intensive Training Camp for Weightlifting on 11-13 January, 2019. This is a change from the earlier 5-day format previously advertised. The 3-day program will include twice daily training sessions, and comprehensive series of lectures, talks, Q&A sessions, debriefings throughout the camp. Download Camp Timetable and Program […]

Masterclass in Weightlifting

Timetable 2:00 Welcome and Introductions 2:02 Overview of session 2:05 General warm-up and mobilisation 2:10 Working on the Snatch (60 mins) Overhead Squats (warm-up) Snatch Balance Snatch with No Pull Snatch (Full Movement) Snatch Pulls 3:10 Working on the Clean & Jerk (60 mins) Split Squat Jerk Balance Power Clean with Stop on Catch Clean […]

Developing Leg Strength and Agility for All Athletes

Exercises – Half Back Squat, Full Back Squat, Split Squats (various forms), Single Leg Deadlifts, Step Ups (Weighted), Box Jumps, Weighted Sled Pushes, Training Methodology for developing strength and power successfully Consistency of training Symmetry and movement control Volume and intensity of training Frequency of training Safety and injury prevention Key points Importance of leg […]

Weightlifting Research: Get Involved!

The Weightlifting Academy of Tasmania in action

Calling all persons who want to learn more about Weightlifting. Where: Weightlifting Academy of Tasmania, Hobart When: 09-13 January 2018 Who: Novice – Advanced Athletes interested in Olympic Weightlifting Here is an unparalleled opportunity to learn about the nature of Weightlifting performance that comes only rarely.  But you will need to move fast to book […]

Intensive Training Camp January 2018

For athletes and coaches,   a very special opportunity not to be missed. The Weightlifting Academy of Tasmania will conduct a 5 day training camp from 9-13 January that will provide participants with: A training program designed to provide a unique insight into critical factors for success in the improvement of Weightlifting performance The opportunity to […]