Masterclass in Weightlifting

Timetable 2:00 Welcome and Introductions 2:02 Overview of session 2:05 General warm-up and mobilisation 2:10 Working on the Snatch (60 mins) Overhead Squats (warm-up) Snatch Balance Snatch with No Pull Snatch (Full Movement) Snatch Pulls 3:10 Working on the Clean & Jerk (60 mins) Split Squat Jerk Balance Power Clean with Stop on Catch Clean […]

Developing Leg Strength and Agility for All Athletes

Exercises – Half Back Squat, Full Back Squat, Split Squats (various forms), Single Leg Deadlifts, Step Ups (Weighted), Box Jumps, Weighted Sled Pushes, Training Methodology for developing strength and power successfully Consistency of training Symmetry and movement control Volume and intensity of training Frequency of training Safety and injury prevention Key points Importance of leg […]

Training of Instructors and Coaches

Study course for coaches and instructors

I am very pleased to announce that development is underway of long-awaited courses that provide the knowledge and skills to be effective as Instructors and Coaches in a Weightlifting club setting. These courses are available only to members of the Weightlifting Academy of Tasmania. These courses will provide a mixture of theoretical knowledge delivered in […]

Secrets of Success Series – The Snatch

Session 1 – Snatch All ages welcome! You’ll need to book! 20 places only.   In this 2-hour session participants will be guided through a series of simple steps to learn the basics of the Snatch. The practical workshop will introduce participants to six key concepts that will make learning simpler and more effective. Participants […]