Weightlifting Research: Get Involved!

Calling all persons who want to learn more about Weightlifting.

Where: Weightlifting Academy of Tasmania, Hobart
When: 09-13 January 2018
Who: Novice – Advanced Athletes interested in Olympic Weightlifting

Here is an unparalleled opportunity to learn about the nature of Weightlifting performance that comes only rarely.  But you will need to move fast to book a place.

The research program for a limited number of athletes involves:

  • 3D Motion Analysis of the Snatch producing accurate and reliable performance data on displacement, velocity and acceleration)
  • Videography at 100FPS (frames per second) providing crystal clear pictures of movement at 1/100th second intervals
  • Blood lactate measurement before and after training
  • Heart rate monitoring throughout the day
  • Blood pressure
  • Body composition
  • Sleep quality
  • Vertical jump
  • Grip strength
  • Height and weight
  • Wellness questionnaire

The comprehensive testing program will take place during the 5 day Intensive Training Camp, 9 – 13 January in Hobart which is open to any athlete who has advanced beyond the beginner stage in Weightlifting. Due to the nature of this study conducted by Dr Daniel Gahreman of Charles Darwin University,  some tests are restricted to athletes who will attend all training sessions during the 5 day period. For example, the heart rate, blood lactate and sleep quality assessments require participation in all training sessions.

The Intensive Training Camp is being run at the Weightlifting Academy of Tasmania by Leo Isaac, a nationally recognized Weightlifting coach.  The comprehensive training program which runs along side and in conjunction with the testing program provides a variety of training sessions, Q&A discussion groups and lectures by visiting professionals. The emphasis of this camp is on learning to be a better athlete, understanding the nature of performance in Weightlifting and the pursuance of effective training to bring about results.

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