Training Program Update 13 Dec 2021


The main objective for all athletes over the next 3 weeks is simply ‘maintenance’. The program download below advises you to keep the first week’s training well below weights you might describe as heavy or hard. Over the Christmas week, training should be further subdued and no athlete is expected to do more than 3 sessions even though more have been mapped out for some. In the final week of this 3-week preparatory program, you can push to a small degree provided you made sessions in week 2. If you weren’t able to get to training much in week 2 (Christmas week), don’t do heavier stuff in week 3.

Think of the next 3 weeks as preparing you for much tougher training in January and you need to be in a good physical state.

Download the 3 week schedule for all athlete groups except beginners following the 24-session plan: