Training of Instructors and Coaches

I am very pleased to announce that development is underway of long-awaited courses that provide the knowledge and skills to be effective as Instructors and Coaches in a Weightlifting club setting. These courses are available only to members of the Weightlifting Academy of Tasmania. These courses will provide a mixture of theoretical knowledge delivered in an online format and practical involvement of candidates on the floor of the gymnasium.

The anticipated outcome of these courses is that members of the Academy who commence their careers as Weightlifting Instructors and Coaches will be recognised as among the best within the Australian Weightlifting community and become future leaders of the sport.

The Instructor and Coach courses will undergo continual development and improvement and, in the future, it is expected that members of the Academy will be able to proceed to courses for “Advanced Coach” and “High Performance Coach”.

Leo Isaac
Head Coach
Weightlifting Academy of Tasmania