Tasmanians Lift Well at 2015 World Championship

Tasmanian Olympic Weightlifters put in impressive performances at the 2015 World Weightlifting Championships, in Houston, Texas on 28 November.

Hobart’s Camilla Fogagnolo (Weightlifting Academy of Tasmania) competed in the 75kg category and achieved a lifetime best total when she accomplished an 89kg Snatch and 114kg Clean and Jerk for the Total of 203kg.

See video of Camilla’s 3 successful Clean & Jerks

Launceston’s Jenna Myers competed in the 75+kg category and accomplished a 99kg Snatch and 120kg Clean and Jerk. Myer’s total was 219kg, her best total since a shoulder reconstruction a couple of years ago.

See video of Jenna’s 3 successful Snatches

Coach Leo Isaac was pleased with the girls’ efforts and said  their performance at the world championships in Texas only strengthened their position on the Australian team.