Presidents Cup Round 6

Caleb Lucas secures 105Kg in the Clean & Jerk.
Caleb Lucas in action with a new personal best of 105Kg in Clean & Jerk

Saturday 7 September, 2019, saw a great day’s competition at the southern event of the Presidents Cup Round 6 which was held at the Weightlifting Academy of Tasmania / Align Fitness and Massage. Competitors ranged in age from 10 to 72 years of age and represented five southern Tasmania clubs including ArtGym, Crossfit Colossus, Crossfit 42South, Notorious and the Weightlifting Academy of Tasmania. A great many personal bests were achieved, showing that the sport of Weightlifting continues to thrive in the region.

The highlight lift of the day was the achievement of a new National Masters (40-44 years) record in the men’s 67Kg category of 108Kg in the Clean & Jerk by Michael Pickrell. There were also new Tasmania records set by Darcy Elliston, Gaylene Pickrell, Jacinta Keating, Michael Pickrell, Phoenix Calvert, Tony Hagar and Zac Morrisby.

Presidents Cup Standings

The 2019 Presidents Cup has now completed six of eight events for the year. This series will come to a conclusion at the Presidents Cup Final in Hobart on Saturday 7 December 2019 at the Weightlifting Academy of Tasmania. Presentation of the annual Tasmania Weightlifting awards will take place in the evening following the competition. After six events Ryan Dudman leads the Open Men and Darcy Elliston leads the Open Women. In the Masters event, Michael Pickrell leads the men’s competition and Tegan Kirkpatrick leads in the women’s section. In the junior competition, Ryan Dudman leads in the men’s section, and Monique Booth in the women’s. If Ryan Dudman should take out the Open Men, Caleb Lucas is currently in the lead position for junior men. This is because the rules of the competition do not permit one person to take both the senior and junior awards in any one year.

Thanks to many, Weightlifting is in great shape

Apart from the many wonderful performances of athletes, the day was especially notable for the many people who put up their hand to officiate and help. Weightlifting events need always a crew to set-up, six people to officiate and at least two people to load in each of the four sessions of lifting, and of course there must be coaches. Special thanks to those brave souls who were first time in the role of announcer – Paul McIntyre, Shaun Thomson and Hannah Pickrell under the tutelage of Scott Taylor, and also to Erin D’Agnese for her first time on the time clock. But it is also very pleasing to see the growing expertise and involvement of many in refereeing. Doone Jones has now officiated at 6 out of 6 competitions in 2019 and Christine O’Malley, Tony O’Malley, and Melissa Hanson who have officiated at 5 out of 6 competitions. Christine and Tony O’Malley could not make this event due to sickness but would otherwise have achieved 6 out of 6 also.

Members of the Weightlifting community in Tasmania should always be aware that education and training in officiating and coaching is available and that Weightlifting Tasmania very much appreciates the generosity in time and spirit of those who come forward to build the future of the sport.