Our Mission

The Weightlifting Academy of Tasmania is a program, a facility and a group of people dedicated to promoting Olympic Weightlifting as a deeply satisfying life-changing process.

Our mission is to provide expert guidance to our members from beginner to experienced to enable their physical and psychological development through the practise of Weightlifting in a safe and caring environment. Our task is to help you the athlete to explore the limits of your human potential and develop skills and knowledge that will benefit you lifelong.

Our Values

The Academy is not just a place to train. The Academy is a place where all of us invest much time and effort in our quest to lead meaningful lives. In this venture, everyone’s contribution matters and we all share in each other’s trials and tribulations.

Weightlifting is much more than a form of training; it is a vehicle for self-discovery and learning. No matter who you are, there is more you can learn. This principle applies equally to coaches as well as athletes.

Success is that moment when you realise that you have achieved more than you ever imagined. It’s not defined by money or influence, but by the feelings you have when you deservedly reap the reward for your own endeavours.

At the Academy we play fair, and we respect not only everyone who shares the same training environment but also our opponents in competition. We are mindful that our deeds and actions only assist not hinder the progress of others in this sport we love.

We take steps to insure that we do not contravene the policies of state and national sporting bodies. In particular, we comply with the code for ethical performance as set by the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA).

The Academy gives you a stage to lead, enjoy this space, and develop your leadership capacity and belief in yourself.