Training Program Update 9 May 2021

For All Athletes

The following program is to be used by all athletes competing on 15 May in Launceston. This program is the “standard taper” program.

Download here: Standard Taper Week

Training Guidance for Masters Over 50 and Beginners

For all beginners and masters athletes over 50, please take notice that percentages have little practical use for you. Instead, it is necessary to use other measures of relative intensity. Please adopt the following.

On Day 1

  • Substitute percentage given for first set with lightest bar available (5kg, 8kg, or 10kg)
  • Substitute percentage given for final set with 3Kg less than the highest weight you achieved on the exercise last week in training.
  • Evenly space out all intervening sets (between first and final set). You will need to do some figure work to space out the sets so that increments are roughly even. It’s okay if increments are a little larger in the first 5 sets and a little smaller in the second 4 sets.
  • For Squats on Day 1, it is okay to perform sets of 3 reps all through the exercise to a weight that is the same as the heaviest squat you performed last week.
  • Do the flexibility work.

On Day 2

  • Same process as Day 1 but 5Kg lighter on each exercise.
  • Follow the repetitions given for each set for Front Squat. The heaviest bar weight for Front Squats on Day 2 should be 5Kg less than Day 1.
  • Do the flexibility work.

On Day 3

  • Same process as Day 1 but 10Kg lighter on each exercise.
  • No squats on this day.
  • Do the flexibility work.