Training Program Update 23 May 2021

Program Update

Masters A – 5 Week Program (4DPW) with minimal taper – here is week 2.

This is a TOUGH week. Please note the W2 and W3 formats, which you will not have seen before. The instructions for this training format are contained on the second page of the download.

Download Training Program 3051, Week 2, here.

Seniors A and B – 10 Week program tapering for WTI Senior Championships on 24 July.

There is only one slight change on day 4 to the program issued last week. It’s the same program but one percentage has been revised.

On several occasions, you are advised to “Push”! This means minimal increases of weight on each of the last 2 or 3 sets, So, a minimal increase is 1kg please. So, if it’s NV3 format, just 1Kg increase each set. This increase is NOT mandatory. You should not increase the bar weight if it is likely to cause a reduction in movement quality or a failure.

Download Training Program 3101, Week 2, here.

Masters B – Masters over 50 training twice per week.

This program is only for Masters training twice per week.

Download Training Program 1064, Week 2, here.