Training Program Update 07 June 2021

Program Update

NOTE: Those athletes that have suffered sickness or injury in this last week should NOT attempt this week’s program verbatim. Return to training must be at a low level and the loading incrementally increased each training day.

Masters A – 5 Week Program (4DPW) with minimal taper – here is week 4.

Some athletes showed some fatigue towards the end of week 3. This was expected, it was a tough week. There is no plan for “waves” this week.

Download Training Program 3051, Week 4, here.

Seniors and Juniors – 10 Week Program (4DPW) with taper – here is week 4.

In this week “push” where the program indicates. This means instead of doing all sets at designated intensity at same weight, add another 1Kg each set. While the total number of sets at designated intensity is 3-4, there is nothing to stop you adding one more set and another 1Kg increment if you have the time and energy. However, dont see this as a push to failure. Only increase weight if you are convinced you will succeed.

Download Training Program 3101, Week 4, here

Masters – 6 Week Program 1064, here is week 4.

On Days 2, add an extra single on the Power Snatch and Power Clean & Jerk if you are going well, AFTER you have completed the scheduled sets.

Download Training Program 1064, Week 4, here