Training Program Update 02 May 2021

Seniors A and B, and Juniors C – 13 Week Program, 4DPW
Competing Next on 15 May 2021

Training Advice: As stated on the program, resist the urge to go heavier than prescribed percentages. Sessions this week, and the next, are just technique “fine-tuning” and a “dress rehearsal” where your main aim is to perform well in both technique and headspace. You will find the sessions shorter and much lower in overall volume. The heaviest day is Day 3 and ideally, this falls on Thursday. Then Day 4 is Saturday, which is a lighter day. Make sure you are making decisions about body weight this week and not leaving it to next week. Please prepare your competition plan by completing and returning the form at the following link: Click Here


Training Advice: Same as above, except that you have 3 sessions as normal, not 4. Your heaviest day is Day 2 which could be Wednesday or Thursday. Try to space out your training sessions through the week and do lots of gentle flexibility work on days in between.