Intensive Training Camp


Provide camp attendees with the opportunity to experience a highly motivating learning environment for the development of skills, physical capabilities and knowledge in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting

Target Groups

The Intensive Training Camp is suitable for individuals who:

  • Have acquired Weightlifting skills beyond the beginner stage.  A beginner is one who has not developed the competency to perform the full movements of the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk. For beginners, it may be possible to run a series of workshops prior to Christmas 2015. Please enquire with Leo on 0423767955.
  • Are physically ready to undertake two training sessions per day of 1.5 hours duration each session.
  • Have Weightlifting shoes


04-10 January 2016

Proposed Timetable

Every day is different. Exercises, seminars and group discussions will be different each day of the week.

0900-0930 Briefing on the Day’s Training
0930-1130  Training Session 1
1130-1230  Group Discussion, Q & A, Video Analysis
1230-1330  Lunch (not provided – nearby food court in shopping centre
1330-1500  Seminar
1500-1700  Training Session 2
1700-1730  Debriefing on the Day’s Training

How do training sessions work?

All camp attendees will be provided with a training schedule in accordance with the ability of the individual which includes a diverse range of exercises designed to work on skill, strength, speed, range of movement, and confidence. Some deviation from the provided training schedule will be permitted in circumstances where it is in the best interests of the athlete.

In each training session, there will be 4 weightlifting exercises and 1 or 2 additional exercises for conditioning (plyometric, fitness, flexibility, etc). Training sessions will challenge the participant to discover new ways of thinking about the skills and attributes needed in Olympic Weightlifting. Throughout the week, participants will have the opportunity to build their repertoire of skill and strength development exercises and develop knowledge of how such exercises may be gainfully employed in training.

There will be video capture of participant performances in training for use in group discussions about technique and error correction.

Group Discussions and Seminars

A very important aspect of the camp is that it presents participants with a unique opportunity to broaden their knowledge about Weightlifting. Therefore each day will include a group discussion in the morning and a seminar in the afternoon. In the group discussions, participants will be able to put forward questions to the group and contribute their views and ideas about any matter relating to training and performance in the sport of Weightlifting. Many prospective camp participants have already put forward some questions and these can be viewed at:

The group discussion period will also be used to provide video analysis and feedback of participant technique strengths and weaknesses.

Furthermore there will be a daily seminar to further broaden participant knowledge in the key areas of training methodology, skill development, injury management, nutrition, and performance psychology. Negotiations are underway to acquire the services of suitably qualified experts such as nutritionists and physiotherapists.

The proposed program of seminars is as follows:

Mon Adaptive changes as a result of Weightlifting training
Tues Effective strategies for teaching and learning complex Weightlifting skills
Wed Developing mental toughness and dealing with emotion in sport performance
Thu The simple biomechanical principles of Weightlifting technique
Fri Nutrition strategies for weight gain and/or weight loss for optimising performance
Sat Injury prevention and management
Sun The essence of good training practise


Coaching will be provided by Leo Isaac, licenced Level 3 Weightlifting coach, Master of Sports Coaching (University of Queensland), BSc (Hons) in Physical Education and Sport Science (Loughborough University), member of the High Performance Panel of Australian Weightlifting Federation, lead coach educator for the Australian Weightlifting Federation, and Olympian in Weightlifting (Moscow 1980).

If you are a coach and would like to be part of this camp, please contact Leo Isaac on 0423767955.


The cost to participants is worked on the number of days of attendance. The fee for individuals who are not members of Weightlifting Tasmania is $70 per day. For members of Weightlifting Tasmania, the fee is $35 per day.

How to register

Please register by following this link click here

Once you have registered, you will receive further information.