Intensive Training Camp Seminars

As a part of the Intensive Training Camp that will be held at the Weightlifting Academy of Tasmania 04-10 January 2016, there will be a series of seminars and Q & A sessions. As a result of a request for seminar topics put to persons who have already registered an interest, the following topics have been received:

  • Training management – how to manage training schedules  with workloads and injuries
  • How to overcome faults and setbacks, physically and mentally
  • Health benefits of Weightlifting for the general population e.g. mitigation of osteoporosis and diabetes in later life
  • Nutrition and recovery measures
  • Weigh loss strategies in the lead up to and on the day of the competition
  • Effective goal setting for lifting, what to be aiming for not just in the long term but in each training session
  • Start positions,, what’s best for the lifter and how to determine
  • Is additional accessory work useful, and if so what?
  • Generating explosive power in the pull
  • Height v. weight of the athlete, what would be your ideal bodyweight category
  • What to do on the days where all you want to do is stop training and go home and never leave the house again
  • Is it possible to do conditioning work without effecting strength gains and if so, how often?
  • Offsetting physical stress in the training of weightlifting using food/supplements
  • Improving jerk technique – how can we best utilise upward power from the legs? Is pelvis position relevant?
  • Shoulder stability training – why do Chinese/Russian athletes do handstand pushups, and not just push jerks/presses?

Prospective camp attendees, please keep these topics coming!