Would you like to try Olympic Weightlifting?

Olympic Weightlifting is an amazing sport which has a truly world-wide following. It is a competitive sport, and there are competitions for children, juniors, seniors and masters. In fact, here at the Weightlifting Academy of Tasmania ages range from under 10 to over 70 years of age. Furthermore, Olympic Weightlifting is a most equitable sport because it does not matter how small or large you are, there is a bodyweight category for you. In fact, we want you to know that small people are very much needed in Olympic Weightlifting because as each generation passes, average height of humans is increasing.

People often begin the sport of Weightlifting to build bodies, lose weight or for general health but soon the fascination of learning new skills and very interesting training methodology takes over. It’s a great sport for the mind as well as the body. No matter how young or old, you can learn to perform the Olympic lifts, the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk. You will develop balance and flexibility, improve posture, move with speed and coordination and of course grow strength.

New Beginner Program starting Wednesday 24 March. 2021:

Good coaching is the key and it is in plentiful supply at the Weightlifting Academy of Tasmania with five accredited coaches.

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Next Competition in Hobart

Chris Chugg Memorial Tournament and Presidents Cup Round 4 will take place at the Weightlifting Academy of Tasmania on 7 August 2021.

Next Competition in Launceston

Tasmania Senior Championships, and Tasmania U15 & U17 Championships & PC2 on 15 May 2021