State Referee Course

To take this course to become a State Referee you must be enrolled by the course manager. Email the manager of courses. You must also have completed the Club Referee course.

A State Referee is the second level in the referee hierarchy in Weightlifting.

The Club Referee Course deals specifically with (A) the general rules of the lifts and (B) incorrect movements (of the lifts).

In this State Referee Course, there are 2 modules and each module is further subdivided into lessons:

  • Module 1: Athlete’s Outfit
    • Lesson 1: Costume, footwear and belt
    • Lesson 2: Bandages, sticking plasters and tapes
  • Module 2: Competition Procedure
    • Lesson 3: Weigh-in
    • Lesson 4: Competition procedure
  • Module 3: Referee Responsibilities and Tasks
    • Lesson 5: Refereeing tasks

When you have read the materials in each module, you will need to click the “Mark Complete” button. When you have completed all lessons in the module, there is a quiz to complete for each module. You must score 80% to pass the quiz.

Quizzes must be taken in order, and when you have successfully completed the last quiz “Referee Responsibilities and Tasks Quiz”, you will be able to download a Certificate. Your statistics will remain on this site as evidence of your progress.

The materials in this State Referee Course are based on the IWF Technical and Competition Rules and Regulations (TCRR). There are more rules and regulations to learn if you wish to proceed to the higher status of National Referee.

There is no practical component to the State Referee Course but you must complete two quizzes (one for each module) to a passmark of 80% to acquire the State Referee status. If you don’t succeed first time, you will be able to try again.

There is a downloadable certificate upon completion.