2019 Australian U20 and U23 Weightlifting Championships

A team of 4 athletes represented Weightlifting Tasmania with great success at the Australian Under 20 and Under 23 Championships in Sydney , 16-17 August.

Stephanie Pickrell at Australian U20 and U23 Championships 2019
Stephanie Pickrell, Weightlifting Academy of Tasmania

Stephanie Pickrell of the Weightlifting Academy of Tasmania, lead the way with gold in the women’s 49Kg category both the Under 20 and Under 23 Championships with lifts of 60Kg in the Snatch and 74Kg in the Clean & Jerk. It was Stephanie’s third under 20 championship win in a row. Stephanie is coached by Sean Fitzgerald.

Darcy Elliston
Darcy Elliston, Notorious Club

Darcy Elliston of the Notorious weightlifting club, lifted in her 1st national championships and was placed 7th in the women’s 64Kg category in the under 23 event. Darcy, who is coached in Weightlifting by Lincoln Bowman, lifted 56kg in the Snatch and 70Kg in the Clean & Jerk, Darcy is also a player for Clarence in the TSLW.

Ben Spinks with 139 Clean & Jerk at Nationals 2019
Ben Spinks, Weightlifting Academy of Tasmania

Ben Spinks of the Weightlifting Academy of Tasmania improved his best Total by a whopping 13 kilos to win gold in the men’s 89Kg category in the under 30 event. Ben who is coached by Leo Isaac, lifted 107Kg in the Snatch and 139Kg in the Clean & Jerk.

Ryan Dudman, Launceston PCYC Club

Ryan Dudman of Launceston Police-Citizens Youth Club, also lifting in his first national championship, won gold in the men’s 109Kg category with lifts of 106Kg in the Snatch and 137Kg in the Clean & Jerk. Ryan is coached by Mark Brown.