Questions for Q&A

This post captures the questions put forward by participants of the 2018 Intensive Training Camp at the Weightlifting Academy of Tasmania, Hobart, 9-13 January. Answers to questions will be provided in Q&A sessions during the camp.

  1. What are the benefits of the sport?
  2. What is the best way to approach hand care?
  3. Are there best pre and post session nutrition strategies?
  4. What is the usefulness of the Deadlift for Olympic weightlifting?
  5. Are there any tactics or tips that an athlete could practice to overcome the mental self talk and fear that can happen as they’re making a lift. Sometimes it can happen to me during the pull and it throws me off?
  6. What is the best position of the arms/shoulders at the start of the jerk?
  7. What is optimal training volume and intensity for children/youth in Weightlifting?
  8. Stretching, mobility and accessory exercises, how much, how often?
  9. Relationship between front squat and back squat, is there optimal range? Example my front squat and back squat are the same. Does this indicate a problem?
  10. Are there tips, drills etc for efficient, close turnovers?
  11.  How does Sinclair system work?