Workshop for Athletes and Coaches


The first of a series of 90 minute workshops by Leo Isaac on critical factors of success in Weightlifting

From 12:30 pm until 2:00 pm

At Weightlifting Academy of Tasmania / Align Fitness and Massage

110 Mornington Road, Mornington, Tasmania 7018

Members $20.00, Non-Members $30.00

Leo Isaac / Email: Mobile: 0423 767 955

A series of 90 minutes workshops on the theory and practise of Olympic Weightlifting which are open to the public and delivered by leading coach educator Leo Isaac.

Registered participants can vote for the topics that most interest them. Each topic will have a duration of 20-30 minutes and therefore each workshop will contain around 3 topics each.

Topic 1: Concepts of Weightlifting Technique

An explanation of key concepts upon which Weightlifting technique is built

An explanation of the Weightlifting technique using photo sequences

Key factors of performance that differentiate between highly skilled and average athletes

Topic 2: Coaching Weightlifting Skill

Laying the groundwork with fundamental abilities

Two theories of how people learn skill

Coaching interventions to improve an athlete's skill level

Topic 3: How to Assess an Athlete's Skill

Coach related factors that impact on assessment

Simple approaches to assessing skill

More analytical approaches to assess skill

Topic 4: Injury Management

Typical injuries  in Weightlifting and how to avoid.

How to rehabilitate athletes with typical injuries?

Topic 5: Parameters of Training 

What is an appropriate frequency and training load for an individual?

How to develop an exercise schedule that suits individual needs

How and when to modify volume and intensity in the training program

Topic 6: Training for competitions

How to set training goals, performance and process

How to periodise training for competitions

What is the effect of "tapering" for competitions

Topic 7: Competitions

How to create a competition plan

Coping with stress

The process of the competition warm-up

Judging capability on the day of the competition

Dealing with errors

Topic 8: Training Environment

How to deal with the social environment in the training room

Training partners and working as a group/team

How to create an optimal environment for high performance

Topic 9: Bodyweight management

Basic nutritional concepts for health and recovery from training

Acceptable reduction of weight for competition

Appropriate dietary measures for athlete bodyweight increase

Topic 10: Rules of Weightlifting

Rules of the lifts

Competition procedure

Rules that you need to know for major competitions

Topic 11: Adaptation to Weightlifting Training

Adaptation of muscle tissue at cellular level

Effects of concurrent endurance and high-resistance training`

Adaptation of the neural system

You can add to this list!!!

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