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Club Referee Course

A club referee is the first level in the referee hierarchy in Weightlifting. The hierarchy includes the following levels in ascending order of status:

  • Club Referee
  • State Referee
  • National Referee
  • International Referee Category 2
  • International Referee Category 1

It is not necessary for a person to have experience as a competitor in Weightlifting in order to referee competently.

There is only one module (as you can see below) in this Club Referee Course and it is focused on the rules of the lifts as defined by the IWF Technical and Competition Rules and Regulations (TCRR). There are more rules and regulations to learn but this will form part of the next course – “State Referee Course”. To move on to the State Referee Course, you will need to complete first this Club Referee Course.

This module has two lessons:

  1. General rules for lifts
  2. Incorrect movements

There are two quizzes that you must complete to a passmark of 80% to acquire the club referee status. If you don’t succeed first time, you will be able to try again.

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